Space saving

Each Minipod™ stores eight bikes and eight scootersLess than 1.5 metres in diameter, the Minipod™ takes  up less space than conventional cycle storage racks and if space in the playground is limited, they can be split in two and placed against a wall. And of course, kids just love their colourful, playful design.






The Minipod™ is an environmentally – sustainable product – there’s a fully-recycled model available, in black, and a host of bright colours all made from 100% recyclable materials.








Security is important even with children’s bikes, so like all models in the Cyclepods range, the Minipod allows children to lock their bikes and scooters securely in place.









The Minipod™ fits bikes with 12”- 26” wheels, so is specifically aimed at children up to 11 years of age. Ideal for primary schools, its shape and colours are designed to encourage children to cycle to school. Even the occasional adults bike can fit within a Minipod™





User friendly

The Minipod is so easy to use, it’s child’s play, says Glynis Brabins, Head teacher of Brabins Primary School: “I know the children find the Minipod easy to use because I am never asked by the parents in the morning how to store the bikes in it”.







Free – Standing option

Although we always recommend you allow us to bolt your Minipods to a hard standing surface, we understand that for many schools this is not always convenient or possible. Therefore, if you would rather your Minipods were free-standing, or could be placed on grass, then we now have a freestanding Minipod base available. This method of installation is particularly popular for PFI funding Initiative (PFI)schools; schools with limited space or only grass available; schools which want the option of moving their Minipods at a later date; and schools which do not have the funding available to lay a concrete base.