Cyclepods renew discounts for Modeshift Members for 2015!

17 Mar 2015

As part of our partnership with Modeshift, Cyclepods are continuing to offer all Modeshift members discounts on our Minipods, Scooterpods and Streetpods! As we have offered in previous years, the discounts offer £150 off Minipods, £50 off Scooterpods and £30 off Streetpods. This offer is also available to all schools within a member’s LEA (so schools contact your local Travel Planner or Road Safety Officer for more details on whether this applies to you)!

We are also renewing our Free Scooterpod to all LEA’s that join the Modeshift membership, this fantastic offer will run from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 so you have a whole year to claim your freebie!

Please contact Jan Robinson for more details on 0845 094 0490 or email or visit our websites, & for more details on our products.

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