(Frequently asked questions)Minipod Recycled cycle storage FAQs

How many bikes does a single Minipod™ secure?

Answer = 8

How many scooters does a single Minipod™ secure?

Answer = 8

How many bikes and scooters does a single Minipod™ secure?

Answer = 16

What size bikes does a Minipod™ cater for?

Answer = 12 – 27″ inch wheels

What kind of bikes does a Minipod™ cater for?

Answer = childrens and adults

What are the dimensions of a Minipod™?

Answer = 1.04m high x 1.4Øm (diameter)

How much space does a Minipod™ use with bikes and scooters in?

Answer = This depends on the size of the bikes placed in the Minipod™ however, the typical area used with mainly children’s bikes would be 3.2Øm (diameter)

What is the Minipod™ made out of?

Answer = MDPE, Medium density Polyethylene

Is the Minipod™ made from recycled and recyclable material?

Answer = Yes! In black a Minipod is 100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable, in colour the Minipod made from new material but it still is 100% recyclable

How do I maintain/clean my Minipod?

A simple wash down with soapy water once a year. Top tip – after cleaning, spray with a “Mr Sheen” style polish to bring the Minipod back to its original Shine!

Can the Minipod be installed within school hours?

Yes! Our install team are very aware of the considerations that must be adhered too when working in a school environment

Are ½ Minipods secured to the ground or wall/fence they are leaning up against?

We always secure Minipods to the ground and where possible they are secured to the wall also

Does the Minipod come with a warranty and if so, how long for?

Yes, the Minipod comes with a 5 year warranty (only if Cyclepods install it).

How heavy is the metal base if the Minipod is situated on grass? Could the children move it?

The Minipod metal base weighs approx 100kg, therefore a children could not move it. 4 adults will struggle to move a Minipod on a metal base